The Executive Committee have just had an urgent meeting to discuss our current financial situation have decided to cancel this year's carnival event on 6 August.

It was felt that with no funds available hosting this event would irresponsibly increase our debts further with no sign of how to pay them off.

We hope to do a great deal of fundraising over the next year so we can pay off the existing bills and raise sufficient funds to come back with an event next year.

I hope people can understand our situation and I apologise for any inconvenience caused by this decision but we feel under these circumstances that this is the correct action to take at this time.

On behalf of Poole Carnival - Trevor Hunter

Poole Carnival 2014

Poole Carnival 2014
Monday, 26th May 2014

2014 Summary

Having entered and won the Bournemouth Carnival 2012, and in response to popular demand, we have resurrected after many years the Poole Carnival.

The Carnival will take place on the Bank Holiday Monday, 26th May 2014, with a colourful procession from Seaview end of Ashley Road in Parkstone, ending at a Charity Fair at Branksome Recreation Ground.

The procession will leave at 11.15am and proceed along Ashley Road towards Alder Road and down to Branksome Recreation Ground where there will be many stalls and entertainment to entertain all ages.

We are looking to bring the community of Poole together to join in this spectacular event and to make this Carnival a fun day for one and all.

Anyone wishing to participate in the Carnival, whether joining the competition to enter a colourful float, parade as a group or individual in the parade, or even host a stall on the Recreation Ground to raise vital funds or awareness can apply using the Application Forms downloadable from this website.

Maybe you would like to get more involved and help us organise the Carnival or assist with Marshalling the Procession, in which case you can see the various details from the appropriate page or send your enquiry through the Contact Page.

Thank you and lets make this a day to remember!

Richard Wilson
Vice Chair
Poole Carnival Committee

Schedule of Events

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Poole Carnival 2014 Schedule of Events

Road Closures/Traffic Management
Ashley Road / Alder Road / Recreation Road

The traffic management plan is intended to work as follows:

The section of Ashley Road between Sea View roundabout to North Road to be closed from 8.30am to approx. midday to all traffic to enable the large floats to muster, get dressed and then get ready for the parade. Sea View Park will also be closed to traffic except parade related vehicles.

The parade sets off at 11.15am travelling eastwards along full length of Ashley Road from Sea View. Participants and small vehicles leaving Sea View Park will do so via the entrance area adjacent to the roundabout.

To enable clear passage and avoid oncoming traffic Ashley Road will be closed to all Westbound traffic at Alder Road junction from 11.00am, and will stay closed until the end of the parade has entered Alder Road. Eastbound traffic on Ashley Road, or cross traffic, will still be able to use Ashley Road until just before the parade approaches ... eg if you are coming out of Mansfield Road you will be able to go straight across to Victoria Road or turn right to go along Ashley Road eastbound … but will be stopped from turning left to go westbound.

As the parade approaches junctions along Ashley Road access will then be stopped for all vehicles until the rear of the parade has passed, following which the junction will then be re-opened as normal as soon as possible.

As the parade approaches Alder Road, this road will then be closed to all traffic from Pottery Junction roundabout to Yarmouth Road junction to allow the parade to pass through. Traffic will be diverted along Bournemouth Road for traffic coming from Poole Road, and Along Yarmouth Road for vehicles using Alder Road, and Northbound up Alder Road for vehicles joining from Yarmouth Road.

Recreation road will also be closed to all traffic when Alder Road closes from its junction with Alder Road to the junction with Library Road. Alder Road will remain closed until the rear of the Parade enters Recreation Road, and Recreation Road will remain closed until the rear of Parade enters Branksome Rec.

Souvenir Programmes

The Carnival are creating a Souvenir Programme for the day to include details of the events and other stories. This will be available soon.


Poole Carnival Parade Details

Poole Carnival 2014 Parade


Poole Carnival Fair Details